Honda Gorilla


We rode past this little Honda Gorilla a few times, we couldn’t help from stopping and asking if we could buy it. It had been sitting for 3 years, the tyres were flat and wouldn’t start.

I chucked in a lowish offer but he wouldn’t budge on the price, he then offered to get everything fixed for the asking price. The next day we went back to pick it up and surprisingly everything was working! We then slowly drove it back to the Gnarly Rides Workshop.

A good tip when buying motorbikes in Thailand : Make sure they have the green book for the motorcycle and signed documents for the name change (this includes a signed (in date) copy of their ID card).

After a snails pace ride back to the workshop, it was time to get to work. Our top mechanic Marn jumped on the case and hit the tool box, the engine got an complete overhaul. Obviously we didn’t leave it alone, we done some Top Secret Gnarly Tweaks to it to get some More Engine Power out of the old girl and also chromed the engine covers.


It was then time to strip down the whole bike for a bit of TLC. The rear swingarm got chrome platted and for the rest of the bike we went for black, the orange just didn’t look right to us. We decided to upgrade the rear shocks as the stock ones were what we call “Sofa Shocks”, no good for cornering at speed, the front shocks also got an overhaul and upgrade.

The seat was retrimed and reshaped, we agreed on going for a Classic Cafe Racer Style, to give the bike a complete new look. We finished it off with a custom exhaust and the Gnarly Rides Honda Gorilla was ready to go.

The bike was like a brand new, the engine performed amazingly and it rode like a dream. The Gorrila was back!


Obviously we couldn’t just leave it at like that, we then went on to look for a bigger engine transplant…..


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